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Pork pieBW
Pork Pie Straw hat
New NorthFace jackets
Canada Goose Jackets, Wiley X Glasse

The Florida keys, an Ibanez AEB5E acoustic bass, glass of Evan Williams Bourbon, Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley glasses, topped off with a Scala "Jazz" Pork Pie hat. The only thing missing from this image is my Diamond Crown cigar on the side. Such was our first day in Key Largo. Seperately each individul piece is it's own stage. Put together it becomes a performance and I am the conductor. 

Having the chance to enjoy this performance can be anyones' if they call together what they enjoy, what makes them happy and what they feel the most comfortable with. Wear your sweats, favorite t- shirt, go barefoot, leave your hair wet but make it your own and relax and enjoy the performance created with what you have.

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