Snorkle, Snuba, Scuba!

Snuba? No, Scuba. No, SNUBA. It is something in between snorkeling and scuba. You learn something new every day and hearing about SNUBA was a real eye opener. We were staying in Key Largo and were thinking of going snorkeling again as my wife does not SCUBA dive. I have been a diver since 1979 and wanted to dive, but because she is not certified we decided to do something we could do together. I was reading a brochure about the Keys and saw something called SNUBA. It was not snorkeling nor was it SCUBA. It was much closer to SCUBA as you used a regulator in your mouth along with a weight belt without the tank. It is a self contained diving system that utilizes a tank which floats around on the surface while you have 25' worth of hose to dive with. It was the perfect "in between" as my wife did not like snorkeling but I loved to dive.

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We went to a place called Dive Duck Key and did not look back. What an experience! At first she was a little leary but after a few times of learning to equalize those ears, she was good to go and enjoyed every bit of it. I dove alongside her and the dive master Steve who guided her throughout the process. He was extremely attentive and personable as he made this experience a memorable one. We both completed two dives and now someone has the itch to get certified next year which of course will be done at Dive Duck Key. If you do not like the motion of the waves while snorkeling, cannot quite get that breathing thing down with your head stuck in the water, then SNUBA (combination of snorkeling and scuba diving) may be the solution to your problem. Give it a shot!!