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Laurita Winery Food Truck Days

Laurita Winery hosted a two day food truck Festival fronted by the band 80s Under Cover. Coming home from a very sad funeral we decided to go out and just walk for a while. I heard the the band 80s Under Cover was playing at this venue and hearing this awesome band previously we decided to make a stop here. After visiting for only a few minutes I can tell you that we WILL be back again. What a well laid out venue to enjoy. Sitting areas and tasting booths abound throughout the grounds as well as a stage for the band, picnic areas, bars indoors, seating areas inside as well as a shop to purchase the wines offered and numerous giftshop wares. Walking through the grounds we stopped at booth A10 (yes I made note of this) and were served by the knowledgable "Laura" who told us about the bricks around the mantle from a torn down school in Trenton as well as a bar from NYC and other tidbits and history concerning the winery. We sampled our 6 wines and chose the Cabernet Franc as one of the best in comparison to the other 5 with the White Naked coming in first in the white wines, but you will have to come here and sample them for yourself to decide.

There is more than enough to do for adults as well as the kids with three large corn hole tossing sets, puppy adoption areas, a band to listen to, tractor and pony rides and tours throughout the vineyards. I saw clouds in the distance and began to smell the ionization in the air and knew it was only a matter of time before the storm came so we wandered into the main building to find numerous bars, tasting areas, shops and a large seating area. The bar from Kentucky is upstairs and is worth the walk up. The entire venue is handicap accessible and was designed and laid out for easy maneuvering. With ample parking, fun for all, and enough variety of interests and foods for everyone, it is well worth the cost of admission to visit this venue in central NJ. Watch those clouds as the storm really opened up and lasted about 45 minutes which gave us another reason to stay in and sample the Chocolate Therapy desert wine which in comparison to the Italian "Averna" comes in as the winner with a much more robust flavor. Enjoy.

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