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The Great Plandemic absence.

It has been quite a while since I have written anything to our travel blog and there are multiple reasons why. Above all is what I call the Great Plandemic of 2020. How this has affected us all is beyond what anyone could have envisioned just 1 month prior to the global shut down. I use the time of one month as we were making the best of life, enjoying a trip to New York city, munching at various restaurants at home and in the city, all to come to an abrupt halt the day after we left. We went to New York City for a “Breitling Meet” which consists of Breitling watch owners from around the world all meeting to throw down a few drinks, have some laughs, and talk about the various styles from the vendor at the Flagship Store in Manhattan. At the end we also discussed the “Chinese virus” that was starting to spread around the world. Our good friend from England as well as others from Europe had all flown over only days earlier and were wondering if they could have possibly been in contact with anyone contagious on the planes, at the airport and now at our meet. Just to douse the fires that may start, thinking “it spread from there”, not one of the members has ever tested positive. We have been in touch quite a bit through the dark days of 2020 and all are still well.

As for my absence, my health has been going in a direction I was not contemplating when this autoimmune began. I have lost almost all feeling in my feet and the pain level has increased 10 fold at times in them as well as other areas due to what has become a severe polyneuropathy. Also lost are substantial amounts of feeling and control in my hands and sometimes face and arms. After a multitude of doctors from New York to Philadelphia and Switzerland, all have agreed there is nothing they can do to stop this progression. At the same time I have been told I need 6 levels of neck surgery and 4 in the thoracic region. This after I have already had 4 levels in my lower back worked on. Yes this does put a huge damper on my activities and I have ended up selling almost everything I enjoyed prior to this. My wood working shop is now all gone, my welding shop is gone and I have sold 11 out of 15 basses that I loved to play. I have sold my boat, most of my fishing gear, gave up being a fishing guide after 22 years and am no longer teaching as a professor all due to these medical conditions. Do I have feelings of gloom and doom? Yes, at times I do but always see a bright side knowing I am still here and there are so many others worse off. It has taken me quite a while to be able to put this article together but I felt I needed to do this not just for me but for the followers of our blog. The last article mentioned that my wife was now doing the photography as well as most of the writing which will be coming out soon. I hope you all are mentally and physically well after all that has happened in the last 8 months.

We had to have a drive by viewing for my uncle who passed during this time which was not easy to participate in. What does baffle me is that we had to have a drive by viewing for him but the person who passed in Washington was allowed to have thousands walk by, speeches by some with no masks on, hugging, crying and talking, but we had to have a drive by? This leads me into the next area I wanted to discuss. The Great Plandemic of 2020.

Here we are again after a lull in the spread to be once again told by the media that the darkest days are coming again. The market has crashed once again (although recovering now), restrictions are going into place and the media is spreading the panic exactly as planned. As every despot has ever stated “Control the media. Control the masses”, and it has never been truer than now. Do what the media wants you to do and literally TELLS you to do, and the asses, I mean masses follow. Yes, I do seem like a conspiracy theorist at times but if you truly look at the message the media is telling you I can only hope you see through the control the want over you. Take the Apple ads that come in your email for Apple TV. Every week I receive an email stating “What to watch this week” as though they are telling me “yes, this is what you need to watch, to hear, to listen to”. Instead of writing it as “Tv shows you may be interested in this week”, or “these are the presentations we are showing this week that may interest you”, they clearly state “WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEK”. Sorry but I do not buy into this BS. The new “Gig Speed” commercial also shows a “family of influencers”. Influencing who? Who are these so-called influencers and are people that stupid that they are actually influenced by them? When did this word become part of our everyday vocabulary? Just hearing this word eerks me to no end as if you are that gullible to be “influenced”, you should be seeing a psychiatrist. I could go on and on as to each and every commercial, newscast and delivery method they employ that is used to manipulate you, control you and “influence” almost every one of your daily decisions. You may say that you are not influenced at all but believe me you are. I used to teach marketing concepts and one was the use of vents over popcorn machines in movie theaters to pump that beautiful aroma directly into the theaters. The use of various scents used in casinos to make you gamble more, colors of yellow and red to increase appetite (McDonalds?) etc etc etc.

The media has never been more biased and more dramatic, take ABC News with David Muir, Mr. Doom and Gloom himself. EVERYTHING this man talks about is the end of the world. Scaring the masses into panic and worry brings the ratings up as the masses need to watch again and again for updates to the doom and gloom discussed on the previous broadcast. Morals and integrity have long passed now from the days of Walter Cronkite whom you could trust without his own slant and opinion on topics presented. The people of this world need to get their heads out of their …… and begin to realize that it is themselves who must see through this BS they are presented. It is time for them to take back the ways of the past. We have so-called athletes making millions telling people how to vote, what shoes to buy, what clothes to wear and that it is fine to beat your girlfriend or wife and commit crimes without repercussions, yet people STILL put them on a pedestal? Hollywood mouthpieces are another reason we do not have cable in this house as I refuse to watch these people who are either drugged out, committing crimes, leaving their spouses or have no children yet tell you how to be a parent. Yet again, people put them on a pedestal and listen to what they say. What has happened to the people in this world, so sad.

Do yourself a favor, cut the cable cord, keep the wifi, buy an amplified antennae and stop watching the people who have control over you. If you think not, make a list of everything you have purchased in the last 6 months in one column, the next column write down where you heard about it, saw it, tried it etc. etc. and in the third column write down if you truly needed it or not. I am going to bet that you truly did not need it and that you either saw it in an ad on TV, FB, the web or somewhere that has influenced your purchase. It is time to cut the strings that bind us and become the people that built this country from scratch. Look at pictures from your grandparents, your great grandparents, look what they wore, where they lived and what they had during the worst times of history such as WWII, the Great Depression, etc. If they can do it so can YOU!!!!!!!

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