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Titlis Switzerland
Titlis scenic
Titlis Gondola
Me near the weather station
Titles resort info
Buddha on left
Cable Bridge Titlis
Cable Bridge 1
Titlis scenic
Ground level at Titlis
Glacier under cable bridge
Inside the Glacier
Inside the Glacier
Gondola entry
Titles scenic
Relaxing in the snow
Titles scenic ground level
Gondola at the top off Titlis
Titlis scenic
Snow conditioner
Titlis walkway

One tradition we started a few years ago was to toast our visit to every mountaintop with a bottle of wine. We also bring a backpack with two glasses, an opener, bottle of red wine and our jackets, scarfs and gloves. Many times it has been in the 60s and 70s at the base while anywhere from -17 to the low 40s at the top. Many times we have seen families up on top only to be able to venture out for a few minutes while we are out there for hours, so be prepared and enjoy!

The Alps, Switzerland. Images begin to leap into your mind as you visualize granite, snow, and ice. You have gathered these pieces into memory from movies, novels and viewing other pictorials but until you have experienced them first hand, breathed in the crisp mountain air and had the clouds brush over your face as though you were embracing a spirit, it will be hard to describe. One such mountain I have experienced all of this at is Titlis, in Engelberg Switzerland. 

The gondola ride is one of the most scenic we have been on, capturing panoramic scenes of the beautiful peaks and valleys as far as the eyes can see. Once you depart the gondola you can walk along the many paths (depending upon the snowfall and weather of course), cross the cable bridge (highest in Europe) over the glacier and then go inside to walk within the glacier!


Inside the glacier the ice is smooth and glasslike, offering glimpses into the past as you will see pieces of trees, fauna and rocks all dating back thousands of years.  

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