The Vatican, Rome
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The image you see above is the stairwell of the Vatican museum. Walk the stairway but take your time and observe the details in the railing as well. Not only are the riches inside, but the architecture in these monumental structures convey the strength, knowledge and power that has eminated from this seat for many ages.

As for necessities, the snack bars inside are a little pricey so have a good breakfast, enjoy the history, then venture back out for one of the many restaurants on the side streets and take in some of the local flavors.

The Vatican, once the center of the world, is housed in Vatican City, within Rome, Italy. This is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Home to the Pope and massive amounts of iconic art and architecture. 

The various Vatican museums house sculptures, Renaissance frescoes, tapestries, paintings but do not forget to visit the Sistine Chapel, known for Michelangelo’s ceiling inside the grounds.

Vatican City, the city-state ruled by the Pope, has only been in existence since 1929 and is also the smallest country in the world. St. Peter's Basilica was built in 1506-1626 and is the main iconic building in Vatican City. When planning to visit you may want to take a look into the Omni Card. This was a great purchase for the city of Rome as it gave us hop on hop off abilities on their buses, no wait entry for multiple venues including the Vatican, the Coloseum and various museums. Do watch out when you go to the office for your card as the entire area is filled with begging women and children. Plan on spending the entire day as there is that much to see and admire within Vatican City.