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Decorative gate handle.
Boat ride
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Fresh Seafood salad
Best Gelato in Italy so far!
St. Marks Square seating
Musicians at night
San Marco Campanile

So many restaurants and shopping areas so how do you choose? Make your way throughout the town, ask construction workers, police as well as your hotel manager for their recommendations. We found a few lunches on our own which were average in flavor and service while our larger dinner meals were reserved ahead of time. Try not to stay in one area for your meals as some travelers tend to do. Avoid the gondola rides as they have become more of a Disney type attraction with so many  locked in bumper to bumper pushing through the canals while the drivers talk on their phones. Our hotel manager arranged a beautiful private boat ride with champagne for over 1 hour. Exciting to be picked up at our hotel canal door of the main lobby and treated as stars by the staff of this hotel. We asked the boat driver if he could drop us off at a restaurant we chose on the other side of the island which was no problem for him so do not be afraid to ask for special arrangements. Check out our other blog with regards to the foods and desserts of Venice.

Wating for a private boat ride at our hotel dock

I can see why they want to make this an independant nation away from Italy, it is self sustaining. Once the most powerful port city in the world is also a tourist city not to be missed. Venice is derived from the ancient Veneti who inhabited the area inthe10th century BC.  Other names it is called are; "Queen of the Adriatic,","La Dominante," "City of Water," "The Floating City," "Serenissima," "City of Masks," "City of Bridges," and "City of Canals each to be proven as you wander throughout this delightful place. We drove in from Milan and parked at Garage San Marco (pre-booking is dvised) for 3 days. Taking the water taxi is a breeze as the deparure and ticketing area is directly across from the garage.


Stay on the outside of the taxi as the views of Venice are amazing even from a water taxi. we disembarked at St. Marks and started to make our way to our hotel but becae lost almost instantly (Make sure you plan the route to the hotel before getting there). The detours and ramblings around would not have been bad without luggage so make sure you know where you are going. We fianlly made it to Ruzzini Palace hotel and absolutelu feel in lobe with our very spacious room. King size bed, sitting area, jacuzzi, walk in closet and a view of the canals. More on this in another blog so be sure to keep checking!