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Verona, Italy
Verona Coloseo
Walkway to the seating area
Walkway in the colosseum
Shopping area of Verona
Inside the colosseum
Colosseum in Verona Itlay

Verona, the little know home of another Colosseum in Italy. I had no idea there were 10 amphitheaters around the world built by the Romans. Amazing in it's pink limestone construction, the outer ring of the Verona Colosseum was almost destroyed by an earthquake but the interior is immaculate and untouched. It is a must see on the way to or from Venice and Milan as we noticed the sign on the way to Venice. The price is a little high to enter the venue but if you love history (such as I do) it will be worth the fee to encounter another amazing piece of architecture. Walking into the town center afterwards was typical of a tourist area but the choices of wares is in depth and sales were abundant. A savy shopper does well by walking the length before choosing on first sight. Worth the visit as will be the other architectual marvels of this type.

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